Open Floor Block Stack Storage

Our warehouse is set-up to handle 150,000 square feet of open floor block stack storage. ¬†With our 28′ clearance height, we can handle stacking most pallets three to four high. ¬†This provides¬†savings on storage costs and uses less space, increasing efficiency. ¬†We have designed a comprehensive location system and can store your product by lot in location which streamlines our picking system. ¬†This ultimately save you money because we spend less time searching for your product.

We are licensed by the State to be able to store beer, wine and spirits.  Our ability to store beer, spirits and wine that does not require a temperature controlled environment give you a flexible option for alcoholic beverage storage.  With our proximity to the Napa Valley, Oakland ports and Sacramento, we provide an ideal place to store products that are ready for distribution.  Solano County warehouse storage rates are much cheaper than Napa Valley or Bay Area rates, but still close enough to easily serve those areas.

Please give us a call today with your next project requiring storage of palletized goods and we will be sure to provide you with the best rates and service.